Sunday, July 30, 2017

Another 20 Mile Training Run

Another week and another 20 mile training run. So goes the schedule before the Anchor Down Ultramarathon in August. I ran a lot this week....75 miles total. Many mornings resulted in 10 mile runs. My leg conditioning has improved and feel great because of all the extra long runs. All this hard work is to end up with a better result at ADU this year. I expect to do much better than in 2016 for a variety of reasons. I compared training this year and last which was an eye opener:

1. In 2016 I had no 20 mile runs in training. This year I have 3 already.
2. I had only 8 10-20 mile runs prior to ADU and this year I have 9 already.
3. Total mileage this year exceeds 2016.

Therefore my legs and body are much better prepared for endurance and efficiency. My fluid and nutrition intake is better planned than in the past. Other prep is better as well such as sleep, general nutrition, and my head meaning my psychological state of mind..

Another observation was that last year much of my training was on trails especially Sessions Woods. Anchor Down is nothing like Sessions because it is mostly flat with some asphalt. My recent runs in the Farmington Flats mimic Anchor Down. I believe this will help especially training my body for that specific course. I'm really looking forward to the ADU this year. Can't be any worse? Right?

Today's run:

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