Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Well Planned Training Run

So I needed to get a few long runs in before the Anchor Down Ultra in August. Not unusual but in the past I just "went for a run" and accepted whatever the result. Today I made sure I was ready for an extended run. Earlier in the week it was obvious that Saturday would be perfect. Therefore I planned every aspect of pre-run prep.

On Friday I focused on fluids. Drank extra water throughout the day for hydration. I consumed more carbs than normal but didn't over do it. Had a calzone for lunch and slices of whole grain bread for snacks. I had plenty of rest by going to bed by 10:00pm. Early Saturday morning I woke up and I mean early. It was 3:15 and the first coffee was going down. To get a long run in early, without eating up the day, I had to start at 5:00 am. One hour before the run I had a banana and also drank about 12oz of water on the way to the Farmington Flats. I wanted a good solid run at a decent pace which is why I chose the Farmington Rail Trail for the day. Flat, long, plenty of places to stop if needed(nature calls). No sightseeing or picture taking! Recent attempts at long runs became a tour not training.

It was humid out so I planned to drink a lot of water with an occasional salt tab. I also had UCAN ready after the 10 mile return loop for energy on the second half. I took a salt tab at the start and after 10 miles. Soon after starting I found that a 10:45ish pace was comfortable and maintained at that level for most of the run. I hit the wall at mile 17 but pushed through easily. The fluids and nourishment helped me. It really felt good today and was a confidence builder for the upcoming ultra. Stats for the day was 22 miles at a 10:51 pace average.  I will do another in two weeks and follow the same plan. Anchor Down this year will be much better than last.

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