Sunday, April 30, 2017

Lake Waramaug 50K

This was my 5th year at the Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug ultra. This race has a lot of history yet remains somewhat obscure in a wonderful western Connecticut venue. Lake Waramaug is a beautiful and peaceful setting for a race. The 7.5+ mile loop around is mostly a small country road lined by great scenery and fantastic homes. Only about 150 runners attend and enjoy a low key simple event. With todays run I have completed 3 races at 50K and 2 at 50 miles.
Lake Waramaug just before sunrise.

Most runners are regulars with many friends and familiar faces in the crowd. Some are great competitive runners and others just out for a fun challenge. All supporting one another. The aid tables are the best. Well stocked with very helpful staff. In past years I spent way too much time checking out snack varieties and wasted time. Today I made sure it was "grab and go" day.

I hadn't trained much for this race but had a few decent long runs under my belt. Therefore I understood my finish time was not likely to be my best. The goal was to finish with a respectable time. My day started with the typical cereal, coffee, egg, banana for breakfast. About 3 hours before the start. I did a little carb loading on Friday by simply have some bread for snacks. Once checked in I had some UCAN drink while waiting. Had mixed some Tailwind for during the race. I knew that a pace of 11:25/mile would get me a 6 hour finish. Wasn't sure if I could maintain that but would try. The first 10 miles were in the 10:45 range. Felt good. The second loop was with Lee and the pace slowed a bit due to our rambling discussions of running and life! The third loop started fine with a 11:30ish pace but I quickly ran out of gas. Plus my MCL issue in my right knee acted up. Therefore I walked a lot but finished in about 6:38. Still waiting for official results since my Garmin battery ran out at mile 29.  At mile 21 it started to rain and rain hard. Cold with a bit of hail. I was soaked but dried nicely by the end of the race. During the race I saw Joe and Tracy. They did great as usual. And most importantly I had my traditional burger at the finish.
Louise and I at the finish.
My 7th ultra is in the books. Always enjoy Lake Waramaug and will probably return next year.

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