Sep 24, 2016

The Fall...Hogsback, Hartford, and Roxbury

Today was my first "key" race of the fall. The Hogsback Half marathon in Colebrook CT. It was the fourth time running this event. It started with a beautiful cool morning with clear skies and puffy clouds. Perfect for a race. I helped with setup prior to the start. Kelly always does a nice job and is evident by the number of people who feel it is one of the best in the state.
Pre race setup at Hogsback
As the crowds grew many "169ers" and Ct Trailmixers showed up. There were a number of both first timers at Hogsback and first timers doing a half marathon. The excitement and anticipation make the day that much more entertaining. We started off at the top of the hill where I soon cam upon the 2:00h pacer. I decided to stick with him instead of being a zombie looking at my Garmin the whole time. The 2:00 pace was just right. I stayed with him through mile 8 but then started to slow a bit as the gradualk uphill began. Cool breezes and great scenery made the remaining 5 miles easy.
About mile 4 behind the pacer. Felt good.
As I passed mile 12 I began the dreaded "hill". I did not stop. The almost daily hills around Whigville prepared me for such a challenge. As I turned onto the dam it was clear I would get another half finish time under 2:10 which is always my goal. This race helped to confirm I am ready for the Hartford Full and that my twisted foot problem was NOT a problem. My finish time was 2:06 at a 9:36 pace. Perfect.
And of course I indulged in the great food spread at the end.  Next up Hartford Full...followed by the Roxbury Half and Full.
Lea and I after the race.