Jul 4, 2016

Post July 4th training

The year is half over. Holidays always seem to be turning points for me when it comes to running. Kind of a "resolution" thing that most people toy with on each new year. One of my goals this year was to do more trails. I have accomplished that goal with some great individual and race experiences. But trails are always a challenge. Here are the reasons...I run very early which means trails would be mostly in the dark and with no one around. That is a recipe for disaster considering my age and bears. Another challenge is that I am getting older and less nimble which has led to a number of small injuries. It's a matter of time before I have a big one and seeing the woman with the broken leg at Nipmuck made me reconsider the type of trails I run.
I will still do trails but less technical and lower mileage.

So today I am starting to train for a fall marathon. Most likely Hartford. It will be my 5th time running it. My average pace on roads is way down from a few years ago as my runs are more leosurely. Time to put the petal to the metal(or road). So today I went out for 6 miles and pushed more than usual. Maintained a 10:24 pace. That is now my baseline.

Hartford is 14 weeks away. My rough plan is to do 5-6 mile runs during the week with longer runs on weekends. Maybe some track work, maybe some weight lifting. Not totally sure. I would like to finish Hartford around 4:15. That is doable but I need to get to work now.