Dec 27, 2014

2500 miles

Today I completed a goal for 2014. I exceeded 2500 miles running in one year. As of my run this morning my total was 2502. Due to a couple of injuries that slowed me down I almost missed the goal. Since my last injury I realize more and more that its the running I enjoy not actual pace or speed. When resting my broken body and not running it was like withdrawal. Couldn't wait to get back on the roads at any speed. Times like that made me aware that the activity of running was far more important than increasing my speed.

Crossing 2500 miles is great but another milestone is just as interesting. Total miles in 5 years is now over 8,000! By end of 2015 I should be over 10,000 miles. If someone 5 years ago had told me I'd be reaching such mileage I never would have believed it. The other stats from Garmin are just plain mind boggling. Calories in 2014 = more than 366,000! Calories in 5 years is more than 1.1 million!

Today was a great run because of the milestone and the weather. A perfect morning as the picture below demonstrates.
Sunrise in Whigville CT
 So I'll finish out the year with a few average runs and start again on January 1st. Now I must look at potential races for next year and get some rough training schedule together for any big races.

Dec 21, 2014

Norfolk Pub 10 Mile Road Race

Saturday was my first time running the Norfolk Pub 10 Mile Road Race. It has always been called one of the toughest 10 mile races in Connecticut and I can see why. The course is an isolated road through the forest. It has numerous rolling hills throughout of which a couple are quite steep. I loved the course including the tough hills which made the race interesting. This was the longest "race" that I ran since the Hartford Marathon in October. My recent heel and leg problems are definitely behind me since no issues developed. I was a little sore but nothing like what it was in November. I had decided to take it easy and listen to my body during the run. If any pain started I would slow down or even walk. Never had an issue and ran the entire race. My finish time was 1:48 with an average pace of 10:47. Happy with the result. Many of my running clubs were there. The photo below has most and as you can see its a fun group of people with varied levels of expertise with running. Fun day for all.

Dec 15, 2014

Big Hills, Better Heel

This past weekend was full of running. Saturday I volunteered at the Roxbury Marathon and Sunday I ran 11 miles including some big Burlington hills.

Roxbury....I had to be honest with myself and drop out of the Roxbury Marathon due to my nagging heel injury. Could I have run it? Sure. But I would have exctended my recovery time or possibly worsen the injury. So I did the next best thing which was to volunteer. Working a water station is always interesting. It gives you the chance to see a variety of running styles and attitudes. As a runner I always stress and work hard during a race. It was refreshing to see people having fun, enjoying the weather, and not caring about how they were doing. I was even surprised to see a couple of elite runners stop and chat at my aid station. Later I saw that some of them finished in the top 5.

Sunday hill run...Sunday was a planned long run to test my heel. This past week saw great improvements in my recovery. I headed out up to GW Turnpike and the on the rolling hills to Nassahegan Forest. Good steep inclines and declines to test the heel. I then went and ran up Taine Mountain Road which is one of the greatest inclines in town. I had done it once before. I did it without any problem. Then headed home. At the end I had done 11 miles, the most since the Hartford Marathon in October. My heel was a little sore but not bad. The remainder of Sunday was a trip to Long Island to see our daughter Meghan, Jason, and the grandkids. Had a nice day which also allowed my heel to rest. Today, Monday, I was on the roads again with a simple 7 mile run and at a decent pace. My road to recovery is almost complete so its time to begin planning 2015.

Dec 11, 2014

Been a while.....

At the 2014 Hartford Marathon I seriously injured my heel. It was sore before the start but got worse to the point I barely finished. I ran a few weeks post marathon and even entered a few races. Dumb. My mind would not accept what the heel was saying..."stop running for a while". Eventually I did stop and saw Dr Sullivan at Orthopedic Associates. Had an x-ray. No major or obvious fracture and most likely a subtle stress fracture. He recommended I not run and do cross training. I did. That was the easy part. The hard part was dropping out of the Roxbury Marathon which I love so much. With a big waiting list and an injury it was the right thing to do. At the RSNA in Chicago I started some small runs. It felt good with a little soreness after each run. This week I ran the Santa Made Me Do It  5K in Bethlehem at a decent pace on hills. The light at the end of the tunnel was in view. The injury was healing slow but sure.
Finishing the Santa Made Me Do It 5k in 27 mins. I'm OK with that!

This positive outcome has allowed me to plan for 2015. I signed up for the Colchester half Mararthon, Bolton 5 mile run, and should be in the Peoples Forest 17 mile run. This injury has made me realize several things....that I can take time off from running without losing any fitness....that I need to focus on health and ability not speed.....that being able to run outdoors at any speed is better than making stupid decisions and causing injury. I have fun with the Run169town group and Brickyarders so I need to take care of myself to ensure I'm running far into the future. This weekend I will be at a volunteer cheering people on. Enjoying my hobby in a different way. There are plenty of other races in my future.