Jul 18, 2013

Planning the summer running schedule

As the summer goes on I realize my training days prior to the Vermont50K race are dwindling away. My 40-50 miles a week are adequate to be considered basic ultra training. The problem is I need to get in a few long runs. By long I mean 20 milers. Working on such runs and more trails. I may tackle the Burlington trails this Saturday. With recent trail races and training runs under my belt I'm ready except for long distance training runs.

 In addition to proper training I'm changing my diet. After reading Scott Jurek's book the concept of less or no meat is interesting. I have cut back on meats. This reduces my protein intake so I must compensate. I started making my own smoothies with whey protein, flax, and of course tasty fruits. They're great. But it may not be enough. An odd benefit of this diet retooling is that I have stopped cookies and cake snacks during the day. In recent months my desire for chocolate sweets was out of control. Suddenly it stopped. I haven't had a chocolate chip cookie in 3 weeks! Not sure why but I'm thrilled the sweet cravings have slowed. After surfing the web some ideas on increasing proteins and B12 are starting to materialize. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day therefore my list this week will have some new ingredients. 

Jul 1, 2013

Nipmuck South 14.1 Mile Trail Race

Nipmuck South 14.1 Mile Trail Race was my third real trail run since I began running a few years ago. Another necessary step as I prepare for the Vermont50 in September. It was a hot day with temps in the
Nipmuck South 14.1 mile race.
80's heading towards 90. The humidity was building which meant it was going to be a tough race. Because of the conditions and the fact we were truly in the woods I carried 20 ounces of fluids and a gel.

This was the inaugural running of the race which meant a small number of people signed up. 80 to be exact. It was held at a park in Mansfield Hollow, CT. I started out well as we began running between some baseball fields. The trails were not too technical but the first 3 miles had some decent hills. Since trail running is rare for me I was happy with my performance. At the half way point I was in good shape.....very hot and tired but OK.

On the way back I was flying. My gel and fluid intake helped maintain my energy level. I was running hard and enjoying it. Then at about 8.5 miles my toe caught an exposed root. I hit the ground hard. My left knee and thigh were in extreme pain. So much so I thought I broke something. I laid there for a few seconds thinking about how far away help was. If I needed help it wasn't going to be easy. But I picked myself up to assess the situation. My knee was cut and I had a decent bruise on my upper thigh. Nothing appeared broken so I started running and got back up to speed. My legs were functioning but it hurt. As I approached 12 miles I was crossing the original baseball fields which meant the finish was within 15 minutes. Unfortunately when I re-entered the small section of woods before the finish I became lost. Somehow I missed a turn. It was extremely quiet and very isolated. I walked for a while hoping to find a trail. I checked my GPS on the phone but it showed me what I already knew.....I was a dot in the middle of a state forest. No clue which way to go. Eventually I heard faint music in the distance and headed for that. That led me back to the park but was way off course. At least I found the finish. My time was 3:16. Not great. I could have finished under 3 hours if I hadn't gotten lost.

I was happy to finish a significant trail race in OK time and condition. A good training day to develop my trail skills.