Mar 24, 2013

Weekend of Significant Runs

A great running weekend because both days had a significant run. Saturday was the Bristol Shamrock 2 mile run. Not a big race but it resulted in a PR for me. I finished in 15:53 which was more than a minute faster than any other 2 mile race in the past. In 2011 my time for this very race was 17:00. I was very happy to say the least. Did well in my age group as well coming in 13 of 42.
The photos from that race below. One thing about most running photos is they are boring. Usually the same pose in almost the same outfits. Just a different city.
Me, Lee, Brent, and Tracy(usual group) pre-race.

About to achieve a PR for a 2 mile race.
Sunday was a much greater challenge. That was the Asta Memorial 19.8 mile race for the Hartford Track Club. It is basically a training run for those heading to the Boston Marathon. We decided to add miles because of the upcoming ultra-marathon. I needed a 24 mile run at this point in my training so Asta offered the opportunity. Great weather today with temps near 4of and clear blue skies. I did the run/walk technique once again. The 24 miles took 4:37 with an average pace of 11:15. Not too shabby. I need to maintain this pace for the ultra on April 21st. If I can my finish time will be under 6 hours. As I write this, 7 hours after the finish, I feel like I ran a full marathon but this time my ankles are sore. Very strange.

This run today convinced me I will be able to finish the Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug 50K easily...well maybe not "easily". But I'll finish.

Mar 17, 2013

New Bedford Half Marathon

Today I ran the New bedford Half Marathon for the second time with a much better result than 2011. I finished in 1:58:37 which is 2 minutes faster than the first time. I felt good the entire way even though I had a slight cold. In 2011 New Bedford was my first official long race and I had no idea how to prepare. Today I used a new plan that apparently works therefore I will adopt it on all long races.

  1. I did a two day carb load with pasta both nights.
  2. Took a day off before the race.
  3. Get plenty of sleep the night before which is at least 6 hours for me.
  4. Morning meal---2-3 Coffees, Bagel with a little cream cheese or peanut butter and banana 3 hours before the race. I drank 16oz of a UCAN mix 90 minutes before and a clif bar just before the race. Also had 12 oz of water within 2 hours of the start.
  5. I made sure not to drink too much water during the race to avoid pit stops. 
  6. I had one gel at 7 miles.
Throughout the race my focus was to work on each individual mile. Checking my pace with a goal of keeping it under 9min/mile through 9 miles. The next 4 miles I continued to focus on the same pace but I knew drifting a bit higher would keep me below a 2 hour time finish. It worked.
Sri Bodkhe and me before the race.

Most of the runners lined up in New Bedford.

Over all a good race for me and my fastest 13.1 miles since the fall. It was encouraging to know that my speed work was paying off. I must continue it to get to sub 1:50 times.

Mike, Denise, and Molly also ran. Mike and Molly came in at 1:30 and 1:42 with Denise posting her first official half at 2:21. About 4,000 runners lined up at the start. Weather was about 35f and crowds supportive as usual. I must try to make it back next year as it is one of the better races in New England.