Aug 27, 2011

Good run resulted in sore legs

I completed my first run with my new Saucony Kinvara shoes. Nice feel to them and definitely different.

During the run I noticed a few small pains and changes in how I placed my feet. Near the end during mile 12 I developed some severe pain in my left foot where the toes join the metatarsals. First thought was I fractured something because I couldn't run. Terrible thoughts being so close to the marathon. But I gingerly kept going although slower and within a quarter mile the pain dissipated. Another development was that my calve muscles definitely got a workout because they are sore. So I was running more on the ball of my foot. Soreness is worth it because it means I am running better. Since only August I'll have time to strengthen those muscles on subsequent runs.

Today's total was 13.2 miles with a time of 1:56 and average pace of 8:57. That is very good for me considering my first half marathon in the spring was 2:15. I must get my average pace down to 8:30 but that may be nearly impossible with 7 weeks until the marathon.

Aug 26, 2011

New running shoes, hurricane, and my 13.1 mile challenge

I needed new running shoes before the marathon and the tax free week in Connecticut was all the incentive I needed to buy them now. So I headed down to Fleet Feet in West Hartford to let the experts help me out. After reading "Born To Run" and other articles I knew the "minimalist" style was worth trying. It made sense that all the technology and cushioning in standard running shoes wasn't as advantageous as it appeared. After discussing my running style and history with the sales person I looked at a Brooks shoe and a Saucony shoe. She let me try both on and even go outside for a run. At first I thought that was an odd request until I went outside and saw three others testing shoes. I was inundated with information regarding stride type, plastic used in the shoes, the fabric, when to use them and when not. After all that and some thought I went with the Saucony Kinvara. I will break them slowly on some 3-6 mile runs and then save them for races. Very light and thin soled. Good start in the minimalist realm.

Saucony Kinvara shoes I purchased
The hype over Hurricane Irene is out of control. Yes its big and yes it has winds of 100mph. But that is two days away. It has to go over land and colder water before getting to us. I suspect it will be a tropical storm before long.

Thankfully Saturday will be clear and I can get in my long run of the week. The past two weeks I've done 18+mile runs. Time to shorten that for a while. I plan on a 13.1(half marathon) to test myself. In recent weeks my pace/mile has improved and for many miles. I would like to do a half marathon time of 1:50. I think I can do it. Tonight I'm eating lightly and no snacks. Tomorrow hopefully I'll wake up energized and ready to beat my old time. Even if I don't it will be a perfect long, but not too long, workout.

Aug 14, 2011

Good long run this week.

Saturdays are always my "long" day. That is the weekly run for endurance. Typically its 12-14 miles and I do OK. The weather yesterday was great and I had lots of time. It was in the high 50's when I started out at 5:00am. Had my Gatorade on the belt and a target in the next town that if achieved would be a round trip close to 20 miles. I focused on trying to maintain a 9:00min/min pace. A goal I have for the upcoming Hartford Marathon in October. The run couldn't have gone better. I was maintaining the pace with some splits sub-9 min. No issues and light traffic. At 9 miles I felt some thing sticking to my shoe. I ignored it. after another mile I took the earphones out and heard a "clicking". I had to stop. Sticking in my shoe was a screw bit adapter for a drill. About 1" long and a straight puncture in the middle of my shoe. It didn't reach my foot thank God. I pulled it out and went on my way. No big deal but it killed any interest in running barefoot!!

I got back up to my target pace and went all the way to 18.25 miles. Good training run that could have been longer. Regardless of my recent claim to drop the iPod and run silent, I have started using music again because I find it keeps me focused on the beat of the music instead of evaluating my every move and ache. I have fine tuned the playlist to be all hard rock and industrial. A strong beat and "metal" genre keep me revved up. After this run I'm encouraged and feel confident the next 9 weeks of training will go well.

Map and stats of the run from Garmin:
Saturday 18+ mile run

Today I skipped running to rest the legs. I had gotten away from "rest" days and felt my times and endurance was decreasing. Now that I returned to a resting day I feel much better each Monday/Tuesday.

We are almost done with my new office in the basement. That will be much better for cooling down after a run. No need to move around the upstairs with sweat dripping off me. Also can ditch the running clothes without stinking up the house. Chris, Don, and I have put a lot of work into changing the old room into a really nice office and storage room for Chris. Pics to follow once done.

Aug 12, 2011

Training showing results

Even though its been extremely hot and humid in August I've tried to train hard prior to the October marathon. My Garmin site shows that my average pace/mile is falling. Each run usually has at least one sub 9:00/mi split and sometimes two. Those splits above 9:00/mi are usually in the low "9s". To reach my goal of a 4 hour marathon I must maintain a 9ish/mi pace. I went back to using my iPod because it does help me keep my pace up. Running in the morning quiet was great but the music does help. Will I continue using music? Don't know.