March 7, 2022

Winter Running


Naugatuck Reservoir

Although the title is accurate it's a bit late in the winter of 2022. Spring will be here within two weeks but there are frozen trails with ice and snow is falling. This weekend included two different runs on trails in Connecticut. The Wilcox Preserve in Middletown and the Naugatuck Reservoir. 

Our CT Trailmixers running group ventured out at Wilcox Preserve. The outing was for new trail runners to try their hand at winter running. It was a good chance for me to slowly get back into trail running as my knee injury and Afib heart condition are past history.

The second run was at Naugatuck Reservoirs 2,3,4 in Oxford CT. The early morning weather was cold and misty. Ice and snow covered about 50% of the course which was OK for most of it but treacherous on several steep hills. Speaking of hills, I was surprised by the overall elevation of 859ft. The picture above was one of the lower sections along the reservoir. Definitely will return on a better weather day.

March 6, 2022

Spring 2021 Update

NOTE--> Just noticed I never did post this last year. Old info! 

First post in over a year. Why?...nothing running related that was notable. But in 2021 my running has started to perk up. Spring has been a "regroup"-"rethink" year. My running psyche is accepting the fact that I needed to change my approach to running as well as my expectations. Now I run shorter distances at a pace that clearly matches my older body. Here are a few updates.

Last May 2nd I started a new running streak which takes a year to be recognized by the United States Running Streak Association. I've just become officially listed and creeping my way up the standings board. Today I am in place 2218 out of 2256 listed runners in the US. 

The new year and fewer COVID-19 restrictions have opened up many races. The 5K distance will be my most common for a while as my legs get stronger although I've done a 10K and a training run of 13.1 miles. The picture above is from the Cinco-De-5K race in Enfield CT. Felt good and maintained a 10:00ish/mile pace. No pain! I've done a few others and as of this month I've run as many as all of 2020.