Monday, July 4, 2016

Post July 4th training

The year is half over. Holidays always seem to be turning points for me when it comes to running. Kind of a "resolution" thing that most people toy with on each new year. One of my goals this year was to do more trails. I have accomplished that goal with some great individual and race experiences. But trails are always a challenge. Here are the reasons...I run very early which means trails would be mostly in the dark and with no one around. That is a recipe for disaster considering my age and bears. Another challenge is that I am getting older and less nimble which has led to a number of small injuries. It's a matter of time before I have a big one and seeing the woman with the broken leg at Nipmuck made me reconsider the type of trails I run.
I will still do trails but less technical and lower mileage.

So today I am starting to train for a fall marathon. Most likely Hartford. It will be my 5th time running it. My average pace on roads is way down from a few years ago as my runs are more leosurely. Time to put the petal to the metal(or road). So today I went out for 6 miles and pushed more than usual. Maintained a 10:24 pace. That is now my baseline.

Hartford is 14 weeks away. My rough plan is to do 5-6 mile runs during the week with longer runs on weekends. Maybe some track work, maybe some weight lifting. Not totally sure. I would like to finish Hartford around 4:15. That is doable but I need to get to work now.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Weekend On The Trails

Saturday and Sunday trail runs. Saturday for fun and Sunday was a race.

Our CT Trailmixers group scaled the Mt Higby trail in Middlefield CT.

Off route 66 we started real early at 5:30 AM. Sort of a sunrise run even though the sun was up already. I had never done this trail before. There were about 15 of us which was great at such an early time. The trail starts rocky and steep right off the parking lot. Much of the trail was traprock and very rough. As we neared the top the trail became a smooth single track with a fine green grass on the forest floor. Great views to the west from various cliffs.

Mt Higby in Middlefield

Today was the annual Nipmuck South 14.1 mile Trail Race. I have run this all four times since it's inception. A scenic course with a little bit of everything. Single track, open dark forests, river banks, meadows, roads, and technical climbs. It is challenging at times with sections of ugly twisted roots grabbing at your feet. One woman broke her leg today. Ugly. I spent time taking pictures which slowed me down. I finished in 3:14. My right ankle was very sore from several bad twists. Felt like ligaments are stretched as I had little control on the rocks. Needs rest.
Many of the CT Trailmixers at Nipmuck

Tons of trail fun but now back to regular road running.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Fall Targets

June 1st is almost here. I've done my Lake Waramaug Ultra, some long races, a bunch of new trail runs, etc. In the past week I have been reviewing my options for a 2nd half 2016 goal. The Anchor Down 24 hour run is a big one but that is end of summer. What about the fall? I may run a long trail race such as the Nipmuck Trail Marathon or the Bimbler's 50K. Maybe not. I love trails but those may be too challenging. Needs more thought.

I've been volunteering for the Hartford Marathon Foundation at two recent races. That earns me points for a discount on other HMF races so I may just do the Hartford Full Marathon again. It would be my 5th time if I do. That got me thinking that maybe I should push for a PR. My best full is 4:12. It would take a lot but with a full summer ahead I could work harder with such a goal in mind. To qualify for Boston Marathon I need a 3:55 finish. That is tough when recent marathons have been in the 4:30-4:40 range. I have plenty of time. Needs more thought.

Normal racing is the weekly agenda these days. Did New Fairfield 5K last week and the Wilington PTA 5k today. At Wilmington I placed 2nd in the 60-69yo group.

Next week is the Goodwin Forest 30K. Please let it be cooler than the 90's we are experiencing this week. The week after is the Nipmuck South 14 mile trail race. Two big ones in a row. Goodwin is supposed to be easy terrain. I have run Nipmuck 3 times and know how technical some sections can be. After those my trail races disappear until the Soapstone Assault.

Time to shift gears? Time to reduce my trail running and up my marathon training? Needs more thought!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Nutrition need adjustment? Or just eating badly?

This post will serve as a self notice to knock off the snacks. Since losing my Fuji job I have been snacking like crazy as I sit around the house searching for a job. I gotta stop!(eating that is). Daily doses of peanut butter, cereal, etc have added a few pounds. I can't wait until I'm back on the road and too busy for the extra snacks. I'm running plenty with a daily routine of 7-10 miles. That's alot.

My main meals remain the same which are somewhat healthy and balanced nicely throughout the day. The problem isn't 3 snacks a day but increasing to 6 or increasing the size of the snacks. Peanut butter isn't bad but when I eat 3-6 tablespoons a day it is. Ice cream has gone from a few half cups to 2-3 cups. In addition there are cookies, cakes, etc from various family functions.

Staring today portion and frequency control are the #1 focus. The job situation is looking good and maybe my intake will be controlled purely by being busy. I'm hovering around 196 lbs now which is up from my normal of 190lbs. If I want to do well at races in the fall I need to get back down or below 190. I start now.....well maybe after a dish of ice cream!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

5K and some trails

This weekend included the Bill Landers 5K in Glastonbury and some trail running. The 5K on Saturday was a typical fund raiser with a very nice turnout of over 700 runners. The course was rolling hill type in neighborhoods. I finished in 26:55 which only garnered a 4th place in my age group. Oh well.

Today, Sunday, I took off at dawn for my favorite trails in Sessions Woods. I beat the rain and saw some sun. I've said it before but can't say it enough....these trails are my therapy. Quiet and serene. I really come off them feeling relaxed.
 The small lilies and other forest floor plants provide a nice green look to the trails. Once all the tree leaves are out the shadows diminish the impact.

 I went off some trails to explore. This moss covered log was one of many. The leaves and older rotting trees in this area provide a soft cushy floor to walk on.

Falls on Negro Brook.

The flower above is a Red Trillium. There were many located around the falls. I hung out around the falls for a while enjoying the scene.
On the way home it started to pour but overall a good running weekend.