Sunday, March 5, 2017

Colchester Half and the Start of March

February 25, 2017 was a winter staple for races in Connecticut...the Colchester Half Marathon. The tag line for this race is "tough as nails" because of the hills throughout the course. Each year the weather is a crap shoot that can be a beautiful day or a frightful winter disaster. This year it was a beautiful day with temps near 60F. That meant shorts and a light shirt. There were 600+ runners this year. Seems like it grows every year which isn't surprising. A low cost, great course, and huge food party after that is just a fun time.
I haven't done any specific training this winter but run a mix of long and short distances. I'm at the point where I know I'll finish but don't know how well. Most years I complete Colchester between 2:00 and 2:10. This year was 2:17. Don't know why and don't care. My new attitude about finish times doesn't let me worry. Finishing is the only goal. I wore my "old guy" shirt for a few laughs.
Old Guy shirt for the Old Guy blog
The usual Run 169 crowd was there as well as a good showing from the CT Trailmixers. Colchester brings out many friends from around the state and all are seen at the key races throughout the year.
Link to Colchester results

Start of March
The warm weather at the end of February melted all the snow. It's amazing how in onbe week the trails are clear and dry. There have been some beautiful morings for running. Yesterday I went fro a long 15 mile run up the Farmington River Trail. Very nice sunny morning althgough cool. My time was 2:55 which is an 11;41 pace. Need more of these before the Lake Waramaung 50K at the end of April.

Today was a simple 6 miler out to Sessions Woods. Basically a recovery run. Ended the week with 56 miles.
Sessions Woods sunrise

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