Monday, March 13, 2017

Bolton Road Race

Sunday was the annual 5 mile race at Bolton. Simple but a running tradition in the state. The final hill is the main attraction as it's dramatic climb in such a short distance is famous. I have run it 4-5 times now. Before the start I wasn't sure what my finish time would be. It was cold with temps in the 20's and a biting wind. As usual there were plenty of 169ers there and a number of CT Trailmixers also attended.
169 crowd.
My game plan was to just run. No expectations, no checking the watch for pace. At the start my head was down, music blaring, and I pushed as hard as I could. Last year my finish time was 45:41. Could I beat that? Match that? I had my doubts. I felt good with no aches or pains in my legs. In contrast to previous races I avoided the watch. Only glanced briefly around that half way mark. To my surprise I was on track for a good run. That emboldened me to run harder. After 3 miles I was flying. At the end of 4 miles the first big hill slowed me a bit but not much. Then after the last turn there it was...the monster hill we all thought about all week. I just kept on running. Slow but never stopped. On that hill was an 8 year old boy who passed me at a great pace. He was singing and not winded. I told him how impressive he was.
After reaching the crest of the hill I began my sprint to the finish. I checked the watch and it was still less than 45 minutes. I flew through the finish with a time of 45:28...13 seconds faster than 2016. Not bad but was only good enough for 6th in my age group.
Me and Andy at the finish.
Happy to be averaging 9 minute miles at 63 y.o. with big hills on the course.
Race results here

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