Wednesday, February 22, 2017

SnowTrail Run At Sunrise

Today started off as a day to get in a long road run as prep for next week's Colchester Half Marathon. As usual I started off through Whigville and headed up Rt 69 in Burlington. I had taken some advice from an ultra blog and carb loaded a bit on Friday as well as having a decent breakfast to ensure I had fuel in the tank. During the run I maintained a decent pace of under 11:00/mile. Good for a training run. Good for me. After turning back towards home I turned down Scoville road towards the back of Sessions Woods. At the Hull Road junction near the blue blazed trail I could see the sun peaking over the horizon. That triggered the urge to hop on the trails.
Just at sunrise. Near the Hull Road side of Sessions Woods.
The sunrise was beckoning me! So I hit the blue blazed trails on the west side of the park. The trail condition at this point wasn't great. Deep snow with no real trail or snow pack from previous runners or hikers. But I pushed on. After about a half mile the trails showed a higher volume of people from Friday and was runnable.   The main Beaver Pond Trail has been packed down by a tractor. Flat and very runnable. The blue and white blazed were a mix of packed trail and sometimes deep snow. The selfie shot below is where the state harvested the non-native red pine trees. That used to be heavily wooded. 
Open now-was thick pine forest before tree harvest

The run was 15 miles altogether....the trails were the best part. Winter runs on snowy trails are relaxing and beautiful. My favorite time of year as a runner.

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