Saturday, January 21, 2017

Winter, Deserts, Challenges

January rolls on and so does the variety of experiences that running brings. Last week I attended a Samsung meeting in Arizona. It was the national meeting for the MID group of distributors. Of course I was provided a new landscape for running as we were east of Phoenix in the desert.
Sunrise on a desert in winter-stunning
Each morning I ventured out along a desolate road heading out of town. Flat with low brush this wide road seemed innocent enough. It was very quiet and peaceful with only an occasional car coming by. Wide road shoulders of small gravel made running easy. The first day in the dark at 5:00am I was about 3 miles out when I saw something move. I stopped. Then noticed a group of large black animals! My first thought was bears except for white faces....they were cattle. Nice, cute, safe, but one problem. There was no fence between them and me. Still not bad until I saw a huge long horn cattle staring at me. What to do? Do I run? Will they chase me? It was rapidly clear that they could care less and just stared. I continued on my run. Each morning I went out and explored different roads. On my last morning I went 2 miles up a highway to Fountain Hills.

A small town with great sidewalks and large homes. Perfect area to run in and there were many cacti for pictures in the moonlight. One is below.
Thoroughly enjoyed the running in the 40f weather with the moonlit skies. This l;ast picture is of the moonrise at a company outdoor function. Just beautiful. It almost looks like a summer sunset here in
New England.

All this was adding miles to my Winter Warrior Challenge totals. This week I have slowed a bit because of a nagging cold. I can't keep up with the big mileage people so I'm working to stay in the top 10.Good training for the Cape Cod Fat Ass 50k and the Colchester Half Marathon.

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