Monday, April 25, 2016

Lake Waramaug 50 mile

If you read this blog a few days ago I indicated that I was running the 100K. That was how it started out yesterday but ended as a 50 mile race. The day started as any other race with my morning routine of breakfast. Had a bowl of Flax cereal, boiled egg, and banana. Then headed to Lake Waramaug Ultramarathon. After checking in and drinking more coffee I was excited and ready to take on my first 100K.
New shoes and socks for this race

Pre race wait at the starting line.
Saw some old friends and yucked it up as we waited. My goal was to maintain a pace of around 11:00/mile. I maintained that for about 22 miles except for port-o-potty stops and aid station visits. Then I started to struggle. After 35 miles it became apparent something wasn't right. I was having a hard time with my pace and in fact started walk breaks. I started drinking a lot of water but did not need to urinate for the rest of the day. A bit concerning since I consumed 40+oz of water. One reason may have been eating salty food, taking a salt tab, and it did become a little warm. Back home at night II was back to normal though.
I made the decision to finish at 50 miles which the RD agreed to count. The final lap around the lake was tough but I managed to finish at 11:16 which was only 9 minutes slower than my previous 50 mile race at Lake Waramaug.
After the ugliest race I have ever run
It was an ugly day and I was the last 50 miler to finish. At the end of the day I had very sore ankles, two blisters, a broken dream of running a 100K. I did have new Asics Sonoma shoes but had broken them in for two weeks. I had new Balega socks but they felt good. Not sure where the blisters came from. I learned several things....I should have drank more water early and carried from the start. I probably should have slowed my pace to 12/mile from the start because the final time may have been much better. The last thing I learned is maybe trying 100K is not in my future. I may do another 50 mile but that is probably my limit.
The timing results: Lake Waramaug 50 mile results
Still happy to add another long ultra to record. As bad as it was I don't regret it.

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

I probably couldn't do 500 feet myself :)