Monday, April 11, 2016

Big life change and some nice runs

It finally happened....I lost my job. The company went through a restructuring which included reducing the number of sales zones from 8 to 5. After 23 years the reduction in zones put me on the street. A shock at first but within a day it exposed the fact that the job was killing me. The daily stress had grown to an extreme level even though I hadn't noticed. This separation felt like the weight of the world was removed from my shoulders. That night I slept like a baby that night and by morning was new and refreshed. I had no idea that job was wreaking havoc on my mind and body. So now the job hunt begins. Retirement is possible but there is still some work life in this body and I'll go batty if I sit around all day. I have to be employed. At least for 3 more years.

On a positive note I had some good running recently. A few races with some trails mixed in. My race schedule these days is focused on new towns for the 169 group. I'm doing OK maintaining my pace and therefore results. Not appearing to lose any speed in fact at the Bradley 10K I had a PR with a 56:13 finish(8:35 pace). That was good enough for a 3rd place age group place.  At the Hartford Quarter Marathon which is slightly more than a 10K was 57:46(8:50 pace) which was also a 3rd place..
Bradley 10k & 5K Run169 shot

169er group shot at the HTC Hartford Quarter Marathon
At the Salem 5K I did OK but nothing special. Time was 26:20(8:29 pace). Also did a few nice trail runs on Ragged Mountain in Southington and of course my local Nassahegon Forest,
Lee and I at the Salem 5K
Ragged Mountain with the CTTrailmixers
The weekend trail runs with the CTTrailmixers are wonderful. The group finds trails around the state and usually someone who has run the route prior leads the group. Great chance to try new trails and with great people. Overall the recent running has been good. In the coming weeks I have some big challenges with the Traprock 17K and the 100K Lake Waramaug Ultra.

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