Friday, April 29, 2016

April Challenge

Our local running group. Run 169 Towns, had a challenge in April to see how many miles each of us could do. As of today I have 290 miles. Tomorrow is the last day but unfirtunately I am running a 5K. That combined with a warm up run will leave me a few miles short of 300. Still good but I was hoping to make it past that milestone.

Above is a typical morning run. Usually 7 miles but sometimes longer.

With some extra effort I could do a second run today or a longer warmup tomorrow but I'll pass.

Since the ultra last week I have been thinking "what's next". I have no real goals set. For the spring and summer I'll stick to daily runs to keep my streak alive(currently at 444 days) and focus on trails. I do have the Nipmuck 14 mile and the Goodwin Forest trail races lined up. I need a target for the fall. Right now it's either the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon in Albany or the Nipmuck Trail Marathon. I need to decide soon. Until that time I'm just running!

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