Friday, April 22, 2016

100K Prep

It's Friday before my 100K. My mind is in the overthink mode because I constantly review how that day will go. What is my pace? What should I bring for nourishment/drink? What to wear? How much carb loading should I be doing?....etc.

Carb loading:  Today(Friday) and Saturday i eat normally but have bread as a snack. I'm drinking a ton of water to make sure I'm hydrated.

Day of breakfast: Based on last year I will have a normal breakfast at about 4:30. Just cereal, an egg, and a banana. Because of my prep and the aid stations nourishment planning is minimal.

Specialty items during the race:
The items above are some of what I will bring to Lake Waramaug on Sunday. I will definitely use the UCAN, NUUN, and probably a gel. The aid stations at this race have everything I need therefore I don't need to bring too much.

Fluids on the course: I only drink water. No Gatorade, etc. The only other fluid will be my UCAN mix for energy. I did that on my 50 miler and it worked fine. This year I will have more water in a drop bag to make sure I drink enough. It may be warm in the afternoon.

Sleep: I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary. 10:00pm bed time and a 3:30am wake up.

Tapering: I did only 5 miles today and will do 2 miles on Saturday. That worked in the past on my 50 mile and marathon races.

So I think I'm set. Now just trying to stay calm and trust my training.

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