Sunday, February 7, 2016

Snowy Trails

January was virtually snowless. One of the mildest winters I've seen. The good news is that there was no problem getting out for running especially trails. Normally trails are off limits due to bad weather or deep snow. In early February the snow has returned but has not limited trail running. In January and February I probably have done more trails this than all of last year. I'm exploring the trail system between Nassahegan and Sessions Woods with surprising results. I am very lucky to have so many trails options so close to my home. Most people drive long distances to experience a variety of trail types like these. Plus, the new CT Trailmix running group has opened up many parks and areas I had never heard of before. Today we ran at Millers Pond Park in Durham CT. Deep snow and tough "red" blaze markings on trees made it a challenge but fun. Next week this group will tackle my local trails an 11 mile loop between Sessions and Nassahegan. Looking forward to it.



Nassahegan Trails

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