Sunday, December 20, 2015

New Burlington Trails

I'm making trail running a more frequent occurance in my daily running. In 2016 I hope to participate in a higher number of trail runs. Lucky for me there are plenty of trails in my neighborhood to practice on so this weekend was all in the woods.

Above is my Saturday run. I went north onto the Blue/orange and Blue/yellow trails. These continue all over the area but intersect and allow for changes in direction. Much of these trails were easy wide paths or even old abandon roads.

Eventually these joined with the main trails at Sessions Woods. Near the end I picked up a small section of the Blue/black trail. Nice run in great weather.

Today, Sunday, I ran on the Metacomet Trail west of the West Hartford Reservoir. This turned out to be better than expected with wide trails that were not too technical. Saw a nice buck with large antlers. My picture doesn't do it justice.
If I continued to head north I would eventually connect in Avon on Route 44. I could see other trails on my run so I'll plan more trail practice runs here in the future.

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