Thursday, December 10, 2015

3,000 Miles and the Love of Running

People generally think I'm nuts for the amount of running I do. But they also know I love running. Not for speed, weight loss, or other goal....just for the enjoyment. I also like challenges and this year was for "extreme running". What does that mean? I ran in -26f weather for 10 miles....did my first 50 mile race....ran to the top of Mount Washington....did 3 months of 300+ miles....and the biggest extreme was to run 3,000 in 2015. That final goal was achieved yesterday at Sessions Woods.
Obviously I knew which day would be the one to hit 3,000 miles so I timed that last run to be at Sessions Woods at the right time. The picture above was after 5:00 am using the lights at the pavilion for a good shot. It felt good to reach my goal. Won't mean much to anyone else but it does to me. The 5 years of work leading up to the goal allowed me to conquer my bad health, make new friends, and let the stress of work fade away on each run. I doubt I can do another year with such high milage but will always be putting in a lot of miles. Its my therapy.

I'll come up with a new challenge for 2016. Might be easier. Might be tougher. But it will be running.

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