Sunday, May 24, 2015 places to run

This is one of my favorite trail pictures. It's one of the trails at People's Forest State Forest in Barkhamstead CT. Below are a few others from today and yesterday at Sessions Woods. Trail running is slowly becoming an obsession. Compared to street running the trails bring peace and quiet. They are an adventure because of the variety of running surfaces and the unknown. My mind constantly processes information......"where are the roots and rocks?"....."are there any bears?"...."am I on the correct trail?". Definitely not boring. Every so often I stop and listen to the quietness. It's an experience.
Nice bear...too bad its a painting.
Notice the bear in the picture above? As you can see it's a painting of a bear but at a glance as one runs buy it is alarming. Not Funny! But well done. This was on Greenswood Road at the beginning of the red dot trail. That is the Agnes Bowen Trail. I spent time on a blue blazed trail called Robert Ross. This had some very technical running in spots. I had to walk and even that was difficult. In a few sections the trail passed through thick, dark, and tight Mountain Laurel groves. Very scary as if I had encountered a bear there was no where to move or hide.
Robert Ross trail and the steep downhill.
Morning on the White Trails at Sessions Woods.
This was a sttep decline back towards the road.

This excursion was excellent because now I am familiar with the trails and roads. I can plan a more extensive run in the future. People's Forest and the Sessions Woods run yesterday are what I call "sunrise runs". I get out there early which is the best time in my opinion. Each was a positive experience so I definitely will plan more.

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