Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lyme Road Race

The group "Run 169 Towns", which I belong to, was able to get a race created in Lyme CT. This was one of the elusive towns that never had a race before. Saturdays are typically my long run days so to get in extra mileage I went out at 5AM for 5 miles. After that "warm up" I headed towards Lyme. The section of town where the race was located is beautiful. Country roads along the Connecticut River with a great variety of old and new homes. Some homes dated back to the early 1700's.
Pre race with some 169ners
The course was a basic triangle without any real hills. Just a double loop around. My time was 24:52 although the distance was just under 3 miles. Not quite a complete 5K. That's OK because it was a fun outing and raised money for a good cause. Some runners instantly headed to a 2nd 5k in Salem CT which was 15 minutes away with a start time 1 hour after the Lyme race. I had to head home to begin yard work on our first real nice day of spring. Tomorrow I will go long in the neighborhood as the big races are coming up fast.
Adam's group "selfie". Big turnout of 169ners.

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