Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Busy Running Weekend

Three weeks out from Lake Waramaug and I wasn't sure what to do. But I had options. The Brickyarders decided to hold a long endurance training run around the reservoir in New Britain. Tracy and Joe were shooting for 50 miles. Amazing challenge yet if anyone could do it, they could...and they did. Tracy posted that they completed 50 miles in under 10 hours. Great job. Others joined in for a variety of distances. I had signed up for the Greater Hartford Quarter Marathon months ago so a full day at this reservoir was out of the question. Instead I went early and did three miles with the group. Then I headed over to West Hartford for the race. Many "169ners" were there thus the photo below.
Pre race photo of 169ners
Every year my goal for this race is to finish under an hour. It's 6.55 miles so under an hour is a good pace for me. This year was the same with a 58 min time. I left early to head home assuming I was not in contention for a 60-65 year old place but I was wrong. I came in second place. Not too shabby.
Sunday I had planned a long run. As I headed out in the morning the route and distance were still up in the air. Soon after I rounded the corner onto Jerome Avenue the 20 mile target was definite. As I have done many times before the loop through the center of town to Sessions Woods was my choice. That is about 11 miles so I had to decide where to add extra. After a typical stop at Cumberland Farms in the center Johnnycake Mountain popped into my head. This time I ran west on Rt 4 then up to Rock Road. Once back on Rt 69 I went to Sessions Woods for a couple of quick trails. Overall a good 20 and under 4 hours. My understanding of fueling is becoming fine tuned. Ate some Flax cereal before I left, had two gels and a Chocolate Power Bar during the run. It seems that a gel or carbs every 50 mins will be perfect. That will be my eating schedule at Waramaug. Now a slow taper will begin over the next three weeks. Countdown time!
20 mile Garmin map 

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