Saturday, March 28, 2015

Getting ready for the big April races

As April approaches my training intensifies. There are two big races that month that require some serious training unlike the usual mix of halfs, 5Ks, 10Ks, etc. The Lake Waramaug 50 mile Ultra and the Traprock 17K race are very different from the norm.

The Traprock Trail race comes in two flavors. A 50K and a 17K. One loop of the trails is a very tough and technical 10 miles. There are some easy trails but for the most part one of the tougher trails I have run. Nice scenery though. Today I went on a training run of one loop. Snow and ice still coat much of the course but I assumed it would be flattened and no too tricky. I was wrong. There were deep sections, hard ice coated sections, and just plain dirt. The late season snowstorm was an added challenge but I was up for it. Started well and I kept a goo pace but after 2.5 miles I broke my left microspike on my shoe. 
Bad luck with my microspikes
 Figured it was not a big deal and continued on but quickly learned my footing was not good. After several falls I decided to turn back. The 10 mile training run became a 6 mile hike with some running thrown in.
The "Stairway to Heaven" section. Very Steep.

At the end of April I will once again take on the Lake Waramaug 50 mile Ultra.  Lake Waramaug is just plain LONG! My first 50 miler(and maybe my only one). I've done the 50K around the lake twice before. This year its time to move up to the next level. In recent weeks I have steadily increased my mile to prepare. I have been able to do several 20+ mile runs with one more on tap. The Garmin map below is from the last long run of 24 miles. Its very weird at the end of these to think this is only half of what I will do on race day.
This race is four weeks away which means one ,more long run and then I will start a gradual taper. 

I'm completing by big races of 2015 early. After May 1st I can just run my usual races and enjoy the summer. But, the fall may bring me one more big challenge if I want to take on Bimblers 50K. 

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