Tuesday, March 31, 2015

313 miles in March...time to taper?

March 31st is coming to an end which also means my biggest month running also ends. Without really trying I ran 313 miles this month. This year it is easier for me to extend my runs past the typical 5-6 morning miles. Why? How? I really don't know. Most mornings I do plan for a 5-7 mile run. When all things are working in my favor I add 1 maybe 2 miles. Some days 10 just sounds like a good number so I keep going. This could be a subconscious things because of my upcoming 50 mile ultra. My mind and body know I must train hard for it. But I never start out actually thing I must do it for the ultra. My long weekend runs are definitely planned for ultras. Those are for experimenting with fueling, pace, etc, 

In four weeks I will face the biggest challenge since starting to run...the Lake Waramaug 50 mile ultra. Tapering should begin soon but the typical mind games about not slowing down have begun. Common knowledge says I must taper but my mind and body say "just a few more long runs". Endurance runners like to think a little more running must be better. I will force myself to taper this year. Probably after one more long run this weekend. Oh oh..mind games are fighting to take control again!

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