Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cold Weather Running

The past three weeks have brought brutal cold tempratures due to a "polar vortex"(new catch phrase in the news). Temps have frequently been in the single digits with wind chills well below zero. My previous coldest run day was in Keene NH two years ago where the wind chill was -11f. This year I have run at least three days with wind chills colder than that. The coldest was -20f. Except for one possible little frostbite my 3 layer wrap up keeps me protected and warm. I may have a small patch of frost bite under my chin. I was running for about an hour in -6f temps(not wind chill) and felt a sharp pain under my chin. The scarf I normally wear had a space in it and my skin was exposed. Not sure what the sore is and I guess not much to about it. I assume we have seen the last of real terrible cold spells and hopefully can count on temps in the 30+f range.
2/21/2015 Started at -6f and warmed up to 3f after 13 miles.
As February comes to a close there are some positive developments. First is that my heel pain is gone therefore I stopped using the heel cushions. My stress fracture must be healed. Now, in case it was planter fasciitis, I roll my foot and stretch before each run. Secondly my pneumonia is gone and have very few coughing bouts. All good because I must focus on training for the Waramug 50 mile race and assorted shorter races in between now and April.

My new attitude for running feels good. That is, run for the sake of running and don't worry about speed. Yeah, I try  to run faster but its no big deal if I don't. Keeps me positive about the run and reduces stress each time I go out.  I know I can run a decent race and I also know distances don't phase me so all I do is run.