Monday, December 15, 2014

Big Hills, Better Heel

This past weekend was full of running. Saturday I volunteered at the Roxbury Marathon and Sunday I ran 11 miles including some big Burlington hills.

Roxbury....I had to be honest with myself and drop out of the Roxbury Marathon due to my nagging heel injury. Could I have run it? Sure. But I would have exctended my recovery time or possibly worsen the injury. So I did the next best thing which was to volunteer. Working a water station is always interesting. It gives you the chance to see a variety of running styles and attitudes. As a runner I always stress and work hard during a race. It was refreshing to see people having fun, enjoying the weather, and not caring about how they were doing. I was even surprised to see a couple of elite runners stop and chat at my aid station. Later I saw that some of them finished in the top 5.

Sunday hill run...Sunday was a planned long run to test my heel. This past week saw great improvements in my recovery. I headed out up to GW Turnpike and the on the rolling hills to Nassahegan Forest. Good steep inclines and declines to test the heel. I then went and ran up Taine Mountain Road which is one of the greatest inclines in town. I had done it once before. I did it without any problem. Then headed home. At the end I had done 11 miles, the most since the Hartford Marathon in October. My heel was a little sore but not bad. The remainder of Sunday was a trip to Long Island to see our daughter Meghan, Jason, and the grandkids. Had a nice day which also allowed my heel to rest. Today, Monday, I was on the roads again with a simple 7 mile run and at a decent pace. My road to recovery is almost complete so its time to begin planning 2015.

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