Saturday, December 27, 2014

2500 miles

Today I completed a goal for 2014. I exceeded 2500 miles running in one year. As of my run this morning my total was 2502. Due to a couple of injuries that slowed me down I almost missed the goal. Since my last injury I realize more and more that its the running I enjoy not actual pace or speed. When resting my broken body and not running it was like withdrawal. Couldn't wait to get back on the roads at any speed. Times like that made me aware that the activity of running was far more important than increasing my speed.

Crossing 2500 miles is great but another milestone is just as interesting. Total miles in 5 years is now over 8,000! By end of 2015 I should be over 10,000 miles. If someone 5 years ago had told me I'd be reaching such mileage I never would have believed it. The other stats from Garmin are just plain mind boggling. Calories in 2014 = more than 366,000! Calories in 5 years is more than 1.1 million!

Today was a great run because of the milestone and the weather. A perfect morning as the picture below demonstrates.
Sunrise in Whigville CT
 So I'll finish out the year with a few average runs and start again on January 1st. Now I must look at potential races for next year and get some rough training schedule together for any big races.

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