Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall Races

As Fall begins so does the intense race schedule. The New Haven Road Race 20K on Labor day is sort of the start to a crazy race schedule.  In the picture below are two Connecticut running icons, Bill Tribou and Lee Bradley. Both inspire runners by being ambassadors for the sport and show one can enjoy running at any age.
Two icons...Bill Trbou(L) and Lee Bradley(R) in New Hven. 
Every year a slew of popular races challenge us who have trained all summer. My main fall races are New Haven Road Race, The Hogsback Half Marathon, The Hartford Marathon, and the Roxbury Marathon. I worked harder at training for these than in the past. Weekly mile totals have been in the 50-55 mile range. I've smartly managed to have more days off than usual. Common running wisdom insists that days off are key to doing well and staying healthy. As I write this it is a day off post Hogsback Half.
Start of the Hogsback Half

David Roach and I after the race
Lea Crown had a PR at Hogsback
Yesterday's Hogsback was my 22nd half marathon. This has to be one of the best halfs in the state. Just the right size(@500 runners), great course along the Farmington River, and just well run. My finish time was 2:10. I will be back next year.

My stats are building as I have 6 full marathons and 3 ultra marathons. Ironically I have more half marathons completed than 5K races. My finish times are getting a bit slower which is OK since my age is getting a bit higher! Finish times don't bother me as many know, I just love getting out to run. Realizing I can run 13.1, 26.2, or 31.1 miles at 60 years of age is good enough for me regardless of the time I cross that line.

Next up is my 3rd Hartford Marathon. Less than two weeks means I start my taper of running miles. Hope to have a good one and finish under 4:30. Being conservative because I have been over confident in the past.

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