Saturday, June 28, 2014

5K CT Pet Fair and a 5 Mile Run

Woke up today intending to run long. At least 15 and maybe 20 miles. As I lay in the dark drinking coffee I started to think of the 5K at Hubbard Park in Meridan. Could decide whether to do it or stay home and run long. After much thought I decided to combine the two. Run 5 miles and then off to the 5K race. My plan worked perfectly. At the park, prior to the race, I met up with some other Debticonn members.

Debitconn members..Darrel Netto, Mike Feinberg, Sergio Sousa, Tim Beach.
There were about 200 runners which  expected. Good to possibly place since not too many in my age range.

This course starts up a hill, then levels off, then back down the hill. Nice course where my hill training pays off. My pace was good considering I ran 5 miles a few hours before the 5K. On the first and main hill I pushed hard passing several other runners. It always feels good to pass people on a hill! Once on the flat top I kept my pace around 8:30 and never let up. Picked it up on the downhill to the finish and ended with a 26:10. My usual time for a 5K.
Fast Track Timing Results

We had to wait for results since the timers messed up on many ages. But when the awards came I placed 3rd in the 60-69 yo age group. Not a bad day.

5K CT Pet Fair by mtaricani at Garmin Connect - Detail

5 Mile Run in Bristol

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