Sunday, May 4, 2014

Last week was the Lake Waramaug Jack Bristol 50K Ultramarathon. This week was the "Run For The Cows" Half Marathon.

Lake Waramaug 50K. Another banner day for weather and overall race. For the 2nd year in a row I ran with the small crowd of ultra runners from around the country. Ray Krolewicz, a well known ultra runner, was there in all his glory. Being boisterous and very happy to run yet another ultramarathon. He has run this one since the 1970's. At one point he was behind me singing away as he ran. When I reached the final turn we passed and he said if I pushed I could break 6 hours. So I did and came in at 5:59. My average pace was 11:11 per mile. My game plan was to stay at or around 11 minutes/mile so I guess I followed the plan. Last year I lost precious time hanging out at aid stations too long. This year I spent a total of 11 minutes eating compared to 25 minutes in 2013. I did very well and felt great at the end. My pre-race prep was 2 days of easy carb loading, nothing crazy. Lots of water. On race morning I had a small bowl of Flax cereal, a banana, and my UCAN drink. During the race I focused on pretzels, chips, and bananas. My race fueling "recipe" seems to work.
After the 1st out and back.
Under 6 hours...barely!

Adam Osmond, Wanda Hodson after the race.

Run For The Cows Half Marathon.  Once again the New Pond Farm and Ole Foods put on a very enjoyable race. Good food, unique setting, and a great crowd made for a fun day. The goal was to stay at 9:30 or faster per mile. My finish time was 2:06:25. Pace was 9:28. In my age group I was 5/13. Same pre-race breakfast as above. Would have been a little faster but had to take one bio-break. From amenities to course design this is one of my favorite races.
Post race.  John MInerva, Sergio De Sousa, Jose Luiz

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