Sunday, January 19, 2014

Good One! People's Forest 17.1 miles

This was a good race for me. Have to brag since I was 8 minutes faster than in 2013. This "race" was the People's Forest 17.1 Winter Series race by the Hartford Track Club. Always cold but in a great venue. People's Forest State Park where thecourse runs up one side of the Farmington River and down the other side. Two loops around an 8.5mile course. Beautiful scenery with little traffic.
Pre race at People's Forest
Since my disaster marathon at Newport in November 2013, I have worked at hydrating myself more thoroughly before and during the race. I also make sure I carb load, eat in the morning, and do enough gels during the race. It paid off today by allowing me to have the best run in a year. Not record breaking by any means but my best time at this race and a consistent pace. My time was 2:49 with a 9:51 pace. Last year I finished dead last with a 2:57.

I focused on staying under or at 10/mile. Mission accomplished because I stayed under 10 except for two individual miles. Bio breaks. Therefore this was even a better time considering the need to stop. The most satisfying part of the race was at mile 12. Something tol;d me to turn on the power which I did. I was in disbelief as I flew down the road. It soon became apparent I would have no problem staying at my pace goal. Fluids....drank a bunch the day before and 20+ ounces pre race. Did UCAN as well. I carb loaded yesterday and had breakfast 3 hours before the race. During the race I did a gel every 5 miles. Felt great the entire way.

I hope this can be repeated at upcoming half and full marathons. It was a "good one"today.

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