Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cold one

Everyone has heard about the bitter cold that settled over New England. Warnings were everywhere that it was dangerous and frostbite was possible if one was not careful. I like a challenge and figured that I would attempt a run in these conditions. The temp as I started the run was -6f and it warmed up to 3f by the time I finished.  Thus the picture below.
Jan 4, 2014 in -6f temps
I have run in frigid temperatures many times before and know how to dress appropriately. The key to staying warm is wearing many "layers". Double gloves, triple shirts, double pants, double socks, a balaclava, and two hats. Preparing for such a run takes about 15 minutes because of all the clothing and making it all work. I did 11 miles throughout Bristol and Burlington. As I ran along the roads I gave many something to talk about today. I'm sure there were many stories that went something like..."I saw a crazy old man running in this cold". I was toasty warm throughout the run. The only issue was my beard and iPod wires became encased in that ice blob under my chin. I could not remove the balaclava for about 15 minutes because it needed to melt. Garmin map of the run is below:

This has been a crazy week with the holidays and wacky weather. I managed to get in 44 miles as of Saturday and will do more on Sunday. My goal is to keep mileage high to be better prepared for some winter half marathons that are coming up.

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