Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thoughts About Running As I Turn 60

The fall racing season is coming to an end. Most major races have been completed with a few exceptions. My trifecta of races ends on December 14th when I run the Roxbury Marathon. Last year was my first attempt at Roxbury and the lack of training combined with five loops on hills resulted in a 4:50 time. Not great. This year I am completing more long training runs prior to Roxbury as I attempt to improve on that time. Yesterday was an 18 mile run which followed a 21 mile run two weeks ago. At my convention in Chicago I plan on a final long run along Lake Michigan.

I'm definitely slower than in the past. Not sure if its lack of focus, age, or something else. I'm OK with slow times unlike many runners as long as I finish races. I am happy to say I still do not have a DNF (Did Not Finish) after my name at any race. Speed or pace doesn't really matter to me. Sure, I like do do well when I can but when I'm running slow I know there will be another race to try for improvement. Two days ago I turned 60 years old. I'm actually feeling good about it considering my health was in decline five years ago. This past Friday, my actual birthday, while running a typical 5 mile loop I thought of what it meant to me turning 60. I felt really good thinking, "I'm 60 years old and running 5 miles with a planned 20 mile run the next day". Not many 60 year olds are able to enjoy running like I do. That is why I don't worry about running or finish "times". Just glad to be out there. After three years of running it occurred to me that running and enjoying the outdoors is why I'm out there......not to win awards and set records.

For my birthday my daughters, Meghan and Katelyn, produced a poster with most of the races I have participated in over the past few years. Nice. Also significant because my preparation for these races resulted in me turning my health around at a time it was desperately needed.
Nice gift that will remind me of what I have accomplished with my crazy hobby of "running".

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