Sunday, November 24, 2013

Better To Be Lucky Than Good

The title of this post says it all. "Better to be lucky than good" resulted in my winning 2nd place at the Hartford Track 8K Cross Country race yesterday. I ran well for my abilities with a time of 46:55. Not bad for a 4.9 mile race but usually not a time that produces awards. Luckily there were only two "seniors" signed up and I was one of them. Therefore I get an award as being in the top three. My first award while racing. Good for a laugh yet is fun to actually win something. I knew when I reached 60 that this may happen in some races for two main reasons. First I run OK for a "50ish" year old but look much better when compared to most 60 year olds. Second is the simple mathematical fact that not too many 60+ year old men enter races.
My first award as a runner. Not due to "running".
 Overall a good trail race which I enjoy. The West Hartford Reservoir trails are not very technical and easy to run. There are a few hills but none that are overly challenging. A nice place to run.
Mid race at the HTC 8K CC 
Today, Sunday, I went out for a 10 mile run in the first bitterly cold weather of the season. Temp was around 20f but strong winds produced single digit wind chills. This run let me achieve another 50 mile week. Now onto a week in Chicago and runs between the skyscrapers early in the morning.

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