Friday, October 18, 2013

Newport UHC Marathon

The picture below says it all.......I stink!
My animated finish at Newport
The day was perfect for running. Especially running a marathon. Temperatures before we started were around 50f. I headed down from the hotel early and got ready to run Newport, the city where I ran my first marathon 30 years earlier. I was training hard all summer and fall to prepare for what I considered the trifecta....Vermont50k, Newport Marathon, and Roxbury Marathon. This day would mean I completed 2 of 3 fall marathons.
Half way! 2:07 time. But disaster was around the corner
It started out on plan with my first half splits averaging 9:35ish per mile. The course wandered through Newport going past neighborhoods, out along the beaches, and finally on Ocean Drive past the famous mansions. Nice scenic route which was relatively flat.  My time at the half was 2:07 which was good and expected based on many previous half marathons. The Newport Half Marathon runners used the same course. The Newport full marathon is made up of two loops so that half marathoners stop after the first loop and the full continue on to a second yet different loop.
Newport Marathon Course
As we ran past the original start, full marathoners continued out onto the second loop which had more hills. Not big hills but still more challenging than the first 13 miles. I was doing fine and assumed I could finish in 4:30. Boy was I wrong. As I got to mile 15/16 I started to struggle. Trying to maintain a pace around 10/mile was becoming impossible. It rapidly degraded to an average pace of 13/mile. Did I hit the wall so soon? Yup! The last 10+ miles were a nightmare but I kept going. That second half took almost 3 hours to complete. Now this was unusual because I'm not that bad. I crossed the finish line at 5 hours and basically laughed at the whole mess, thus the image of me holding my nose. We collected our medals and had a good laugh. Not a bad ending to a bad race. Tracy set a PR with a 3:40 but even better was that she qualified for Boston. Lee did well at 4:18? Not sure on the time but also a Boston qualifying time.
Finish with Tracy and Lee. One cannot take running too seriously!
On Monday I kept trying to figure out what happened. Far as I can tell it was low fluids and not enough nutrients. Throw in a start pace that may have been too fast and disaster will happen. I drank about 20oz of fluids all day. Only had 3 gels for food during the race. I did not have my UCAN or NUNN because I forgot them at home.

I learned a lot about proper management of my body before and during the race. Does a 5 hour finish bother me? Not really. I finished which is most important. I can't take this too seriously or I'd make myself crazy. Now my training for the Roxbury Marathon in December begins. I will make sure to drink and eat appropriately. Just think.....If I can do Roxbury in 4:55 I will have taken 5 minutes off my time!! Gotta laugh.

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