Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Bedford Half Marathon

Today I ran the New bedford Half Marathon for the second time with a much better result than 2011. I finished in 1:58:37 which is 2 minutes faster than the first time. I felt good the entire way even though I had a slight cold. In 2011 New Bedford was my first official long race and I had no idea how to prepare. Today I used a new plan that apparently works therefore I will adopt it on all long races.

  1. I did a two day carb load with pasta both nights.
  2. Took a day off before the race.
  3. Get plenty of sleep the night before which is at least 6 hours for me.
  4. Morning meal---2-3 Coffees, Bagel with a little cream cheese or peanut butter and banana 3 hours before the race. I drank 16oz of a UCAN mix 90 minutes before and a clif bar just before the race. Also had 12 oz of water within 2 hours of the start.
  5. I made sure not to drink too much water during the race to avoid pit stops. 
  6. I had one gel at 7 miles.
Throughout the race my focus was to work on each individual mile. Checking my pace with a goal of keeping it under 9min/mile through 9 miles. The next 4 miles I continued to focus on the same pace but I knew drifting a bit higher would keep me below a 2 hour time finish. It worked.
Sri Bodkhe and me before the race.

Most of the runners lined up in New Bedford.

Over all a good race for me and my fastest 13.1 miles since the fall. It was encouraging to know that my speed work was paying off. I must continue it to get to sub 1:50 times.

Mike, Denise, and Molly also ran. Mike and Molly came in at 1:30 and 1:42 with Denise posting her first official half at 2:21. About 4,000 runners lined up at the start. Weather was about 35f and crowds supportive as usual. I must try to make it back next year as it is one of the better races in New England.

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