Sunday, February 24, 2013

Colchester Half Marathon

The Colchester Half Marathon was my second half marathon of 2013 was a better result than the Walt Disney Half in January. Considering the hills in this race it is a good time with a finish time of 2:07:30 and pace of 9:45. The weather was tentative as snow/ice/rain was predicted. It held off for most of the race. I had never entered this in the past so I didn't know what to expect. Rick Konon is the organizer from the HTC and as claimed he did a great job. Everything from parking to post race food was well done. The course was great. Many challenging hills but the entire course was on country roads and some of it was on dirt roads. Even ran between two herds of cows. I had planned better for this race. Took the day before off and followed a proper "carb load" diet. In the morning I made sure my breakfast was appropriate with just cereal and a banana.
Rick Konon-Race Director updating the runners
I maintained a 9:00-9:15 pace for many of the miles but appropriately slowed to 11+ on the bigger hills. I never walked on any of them. Lee, Tracy, Lea, and Sri all did well.

The post race food spread was impressive as advertised. Pizzas, pasta, lasagna, chilis, etc were plentiful and quick for the roughly 500 people. I enjoyed this one and will definitely be back next year.

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