Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cold Run

It has been very cold around Connecticut the last few days. It didn't prevent me from going out each morning for my daily run . Today it was 10f at 5AM. I wore two shirts, a hoodie, double socks, double gloves, double pants, and a scarf. I was toasty warm. As I started down my usual streets I warmed up nicely and never noticed the cold temps. As cars passed me I chuckled knowing the sight of me out in the early cold would produce some laughs as people arrived at work. I'm sure there was a lot of "...there was a running nut out in the 10f weather today...". Hopefully some saw it as dedication to a sport or health in defense of the wacky sighting.
In 10 days I will be running the Disney Half Marathon in Orlando. BIG difference in the temperature
if the reports down there are accurate. It is supposed to be near 60f when the race starts. Nice! My finish time for that race will probably be 2:00-2:10. If all goes well and I'm rested maybe a sub 2 hour but not holding my breath.
This weekend the Brickyarders will be experimenting with a new course up in Simsbury. We are trying some street running on part of the Iron Horse Half Marathon course. Picked it because of easy access, good parking, quiet streets, and biio facilities. I hope to do 10 miles then start a mini taper before Disney.

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