Tuesday, January 1, 2013


1961....not a favorite year......not a significant year......but is significant because that is the total miles I ran in 2012. I accomplished that during 301 runs or races. That is a 37 mile per week average. Not bad.

That is much more than I would have guessed. An interesting number is the average speed which shows at 5.9 mph. The year before I averaged 6..3 mph. I've slowed a bit! Not sure why but recent runs back up the statistic. So what am I to do? Over the next few days I will evaluate what can be done. Is it diet? Is it too little sleep? Is it just old age creeping in?

Today I started the year right with a short group run. It was the annual Joe Vailonis Run which was 4.8 miles. The normal longer course was snowed in. Good run and nice company. Tood Brown and his wife did a great job once again feeding us and marking the course.
2013 Joe Vailonis runners. 
Tracy gave me her book on long distance running...Relentless Forward Progress by Bryon Powell. She says it is helpful when training for an ultra. It arrived just in time so I can read it on the plane to Florida. Hope it helps.

Lastly....I've decided to run the 50K at Lake Waramaug because the 50 MILE may be pushing it. 30+ miles is not shabby so I'll break into ultras at that pace.

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