Saturday, December 8, 2012

Marathon #4---Roxbury

At the finish line. Toughest marathon yet with all the hills.
Today I completed my 4th marathon. The Roxbury Marathon is a small affair with only 100 runners. Set in western Connecticut out in the country, it was one of the most pleasant races I've run. Even though a beautiful setting and a great race it was tough. Many hills throughout the course and because of the design, with five loops, the same hills had to be run over and over again. The good part of those loops is you knew there were repeating "downhills" to pickup the pace.
many of our "Brickyard" group at Roxbury.

I didn't prepare properly and knew going in that the race would be a challenge. So I tried different things such as a slower start pace, different fuel/hydration regiment, and focused on how I felt not how fast I would run. This was my first "hilly" marathon. Previous runners at Roxbury estimate that the challenging hills add 30 minutes to ones typical finish time. After my experience today I would have to agree. I finished in 4:52. Take off 30 minutes and that brings the time back to 4:22 which is about where my previous times have been. The most significant fact today was that I felt great after the race.

I hit "the wall" between 22-23 miles. That is much farther into the marathon than ever before. Therefore fueling, pace, and training is allowing me to become more comfortable with long distance running. I enjoyed the race and feel good with the results. Now to look for my next maraton which will be early in 2013.

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