Thursday, November 1, 2012

End of October

October has ended with a big storm and a mixed up Halloween. This week we were visited by a large hurricane called Sandy. Burlington was lucky as the storm center slid below us in southern Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. The power stayed on throughout and there was very little wind damage. Of course we prepared properly after the snowstorm experience from 2011 when we lost power for a week. As Sandy hit our gas cans were full and tons of batteries waited on the counter for the inevitable power failure. But it never came. 40 miles south of here there was much damage with trees down and no power for days.
Post Sandy damage in Connecticut near the coast.
Our town over reacted and cancelled Halloween. The reason was some families were still without power on the 31st. Not sure it was the right thing to do especially on short notice. Chris was determined that our grandchildren would have a good time since they all had costumes and ready to go. So she decorated the house, the kids dressed up, and we had a mini-party.
Halloween mini party. LtoR Britton, Adilyn, Aiden
We lit up the carved pumpkins and lots of candy was eaten. Fun time on short notice.

On running....I decided I had to step up my training a bit since it could best be described as "lackluster" in recent weeks. I had some good fast paced runs this week. On November 3rd I will be running the Ghost Run half marathon. This is a trail run of 13.1 miles in East Hampton CT. Hopefully I will finish under 2 hours as I usually do. After that I will be focusing on the next race which is the Roxbury Marathon in December.

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