Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another 20 mile run

Saturday was another 20 mile training run before the next marathon. Roxbury is in 4 weeks and my preparation has been spotty at best. Completing a marathon is not an issue but doing it with a decent time is. I doubt I'll be close to four hours but I don't want this to be over 4:24 and therefore my worst ever. My weekly mileage totals are staying at the 40 mile target. This week was big with a total of 47. The 20 miles on Saturday went well except at the end when I hit the big Burlington hills. Had to slow down.

Not a bad "training" pace but will need to step it up in Roxbury.

The first real snow of the season was this week. I used my Due North running cleats for the first time. Very nice. Didn't know they were there except for the clik-clak sound when on non-snow pavement. Never slipped and they also work great on our slanted driveway when shoveling.
My Due North traction cleats over my running shoes.
I'm taking today off to rest the legs which are very sore from yesterday's run. Going to get back into it on Monday.

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