Thursday, October 25, 2012

Races....Running and Political

My daily runs are back to normal post marathon. I have signed up for several races in the coming months which are listed on the Race Results and Upcoming Race page. This weekend I entered the simple Burlington 5k race in town.
Nothing fancy but it is part street and part trails. Good fund raiser for the Burlington Bell. The Ghost Run looks interesting and is my first non-loop race. The website states the entire course is crushed compacted stone which will be a nice change. Apparently flat I expect this to be simply and nice easy half marathon. Time will tell. The following week I will run the HTC 8K Cross Country run in West Hartford. Interestingly enough the Burlington 5K and the HTC 8K were both cancelled in 2011 due to the freak snowstorm that wiped out the state.

My health plan at work offers a reduction in rates if I do well on a "health assessment". I filled out the survey tonight. I scored high with a 95%. I missed the 100% and best rating because of my 5 hours of sleep per night(I should have more), 120/70 BP(it should be less that 120 but the 70 is fine), and my cholesterol which is 208(should be 200 or less). So even though I run a ton of miles, eat right, etc I'm still not considered at my best. Oh well......but I should save a few bucks on the insurance.

The Presidential Race
The final presidential debate was this past Monday. Less than two weeks to go before the election. Most people are growing tired of the ads, news stories, junk mail, and phone calls related to the race. I can't imagine what it must be like in a swing state. Pundits are attacking each other and people are arguing. All very entertaining.
This year was interesting to watch because most assumed Obama would be re-elected but Romney has made great strides and has pulled ahead in many polls. I believe Obama was taking the country in the wrong direction. Too much spending and too much "government" running our lives. Romney and the republicans can reverse the trend, get spending under control, and energize the economy. Once businesses are freed from excessive taxes and control they can begin to grow their business. I believe in the concept of allowing the free market to work. Products the consumers want will sell and the companies that are failing will either fold or go through a re-organization to become profitable. Our government should not be bailing out companies. As you can tell...I will be voting for Romney. Our country needs a change.

But....the election is a distraction we all need to get past and continue on with life. Especially running.

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