Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday is rest day

I managed 42 miles this past week finishing with a 12 mile run with my group at Brickyard on Saturday. Being Sunday I will be smart and rest my legs. Recently I have been running non-stop for weeks at a time and it definitely takes a toll. I'll start a new training week on Monday. Next week is the Petit/GE 5k race in Plainville which is very flat so I should have a decent time.

Getting ready for fall and the marathon so I must get on line and order two essential items. First being a new pair of Asics 1170 shoes. I have them now and are the best shoes for running I have had since starting.
Most comfortable and my knee issues seemed to have subsided after wearing these. Next item to order is a headlamp for running in the dark. I was never a fan because they looked cumbersome but I have to give in. I can't keep carrying or wearing flashlights and blinkers. Too much hassle and not very effective. A number of runner friends have them and swear by them.

Finally, Tracy, our running group 100 miler couldn't finish the entire 100 miles. After issues with her stomach, blisters, etc she stopped at 65 miles. Still quite an accomplishment. Good for her to attempt such a challenge. For me....back to my challenge of training to finish a marathon in 4 hours.

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