Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chasing fireflies and lots of running

Over the past two days I was able to spend a lot of time with one of my grandsons, Aiden. It's June which means the fireflies are out. Not sure if Aiden ever remembers seeing them before but we went out at dusk to check them out. He had a blast trying to catch one which he eventually did. I scooped one up as well. Looking out through the woods in the back yard was a scene of tiny flashing lights against the dark of the cliff. The excitement in his eyes to see such a magical site was worth a million dollars. Finally I told him to just stand still and stare at the wonderful scene in front of him which comes only a few times a year. Good experience for him and a nice way to build memories he'll hold forever.

Another good week of running. After taking off Monday due to my Sunday Fairfield Half Marathon I got back into the routine. I closed out the week yesterday with my running group at Brickyard Road. Even though a hot day I completed 13 miles with the group to reach a total of 40 miles. But between the heat and all my running I was exhausted. Could barely keep awake last night and slept 8 hours...which I never do. Today I'll take off and relax with just a little yard work.

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