Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

It's the 4th of July. Always a nice mid-summer break and the turning point in the year for running. Days are getting shorter and the fall races come into the training plans. Today Brent, Lee, and I joined up at Brickyard Rd for a simple run. I did 8 miles while they continued on for who knows how long. Hot and humid which made me work a bit harder. This run gets my weekly total to 19 miles which is where I want to be.

In two days Tracy from our group will be in the Viaduct 100 mile ultra marathon in Pennsylvania. Impressive to say the least. She has worked hard for this and we all wish her well. She'll be running for more than 26 hours.
Tracy in orange on the right at last years 19 mile Peoples Forest run.
I just read the following story of Oscar Pistorius who is a double amputee and in the the Olympics.  Very impressive to see this guy run competitively on twp prosthetic legs. A lesson for all of us that when life throws you a nasty curve ball, perseverance can help you do things you never thought possible. 

Now.....time for a cookout.

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