Friday, June 22, 2012

Knee is good!

Slowly but surely my knee appears to be getting better. The pain comes and goes but there are days when I'm pain free. Can't quite figure out what it is. Its the left one and not inside but more on the medial front area.   There are times I finish 15 miles without the slightest pain yet other times I can be sitting around and just a shift in my seat nearly brings me to tears. I just have to be careful with it.

The past several weeks I have started to increase the mileage. I am averaging over 40 miles per week. Weekdays I do 4-7 miles a day and at least one long run on the weekend. I want to get to 50 miles a week in July and August as I prepare for the Hartford ING Marathon. I must complete this year at 4 hours or maybe a little less like 3:55. It would be quite the accomplishment but anything better than last year will be great.

Tomorrow I'll join up again with my Brickyarders running group down in Farmington for about 10 miles. If the knee is good I could put in another 15 miles. Just glad the extreme heat is over.

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